Scadco has been providing companies, enterpises, NPO’s and educational institutions with custom, catered solutions for over 15 years.



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Bespoke technology solutions

Enabling business growth and operational and process efficiencies, through custom solutions designed around the needs of the organisation.

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Education Management Solutions
Tailormade Development Solutions
Inrastructure Development Solutions
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Creating your business differentiation
through digital innovations

Network Architecture Services

Connectivity is the fundamental back bones upon which work is being done, having a sound network infrastructure is vital. We specialise in designing, layout, upgrading, configuring and maintaining large network infrastructures, with expertise and partnerships in industry leading and accredited products such as Ubiquiti and Fortinet.

Microsoft Infrastructure Development And Deployment

Scadco has a wealth of experience with setting up, configuring, deploying and maintaining environments of varying sizes. In addition, Scadco has specialties in competencies including Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and Visual Studio

Website And Application Development Services

Bespoke websites and mobile applications aide in supplementing current systems through streamlining data capturing, placing your business and offerings at your customers’ fingertips wherever they are.

Education Management Services

Scadsys SIS (School Information System) enables effective management of information empowering students and faculty to process high volumes of data, whilst serving as the primary workspace for faculty, students and parents.

Software Development

Organisations require software applications and management systems capable in supporting unique and, often, differentiating operational requirements. We focus on ensuring a holistic solutions approach to architecting and designing software applications meeting the unique factors of each organisation.

Training And Staff Development

Technical training and certification for staff development, through developed pathways, workshops and seminars with outcomes aligned to needs of the organisation.

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Since inception the Scadco team has clearly defined the following values as the key to a successful relationship with customers:
• Motivation/Passion
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Proactivity
• Team work

Scadco’s outsourcing solution provides customers with a tailor-made set of solutions. Our solutions address all aspects of information technology required to sustain business continuity and enhance productivity.

The path to the future of business is paved by innovators, game changers, and differentiators. Let us play a hand in laying the foundations for your organisations future.

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2021 Trends

Increase In Paas, SaaS, IaaS Market 51%
Increase In Software Market 50%
Increase In Technology Services Market 23%
Increase In Emerging Technology Market 104%
Companies Outsourcing Digital Development 24%
Companies Not Prepared For Cyberattacks 70%
eCommerce Mobile Sales Share 72.9%
Increase In IoT Market Value 24.7%
Share Of World Data Generated In Past Two Years 72.9%
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Trusted Locally and International
In Increasing Efficiencies through technology

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1. Research, Audits and Discovery
Technical experts and project managers consult with the client, conduct audits and discovery activities, and analyse results to use in order to orient the project around the client.
Emilia Clarke
2. Concept Validation and Outline
Conceptualisation of solution is outlined by development, design and project team before being discussed, collaborated with, and approved by the client.
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3. Design and Testing
Designing, layout, flow and processing of the project is designed and prototyped. Demo of the prototype is shared with the client for final input before development begins.
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4. Solution Development
Expert and experienced team of developers bring the solution concept to life, taking into account all facets of the project from UI, automation, functions, design, etc.
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5. Final testing and Quality Assurance
Final testing and analysis on the solution is conducted. Results of testing and overall final solution being shared with the client for final approval.
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6. Support and Maintenance on Solution
Structured support and maintenance is conducted continuously ensuring long lasting satisfaction and technological relevance.

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