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Scadco provides customers with a scalable service offering to address efficiency and a reliable networking solution that encompass edge to endpoint operations. Modern IT environments are complex that need innovative solutions to reduce overheads and improve reliability.

The technologies that have the power to transform companies are wide-ranging in their abilities, but all serve the same purpose: to further the experience well beyond today’s work setting.

In embracing these next-generation technologies for businesses and organisations, first networks need to be prepared and scaled to certify they are able to handle the increase in traffic and demand for bandwidth and speed. In addition, with businesses leveraging the use of larger rich datasets, collaborative software and platforms, digital working environment, online meetings and calls, and in-house applications the need for relevant, effective, fast and secure network infrastructures are vital.

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the fundamentals

In building a network that supports these new technologies, providers should consider an environment that includes on-premises, cloud, and networking technologies such as SD-WAN and high-speed broadband to ensure traffic is handled efficiently over any type of network. And networking components such as WiFi and unified communications can ensure users of the network interact and transact however and whenever they choose.

Scadco covers all phases relating to infrastructure implementation from networking design, supply, installation, optimisation, and maintenance. This enables us to be able to operationalise technology infrastructure for smart connected and automated buildings, institutions and corporate office spaces regardless of size and complexities.

We couple our extensive knowledge and experience and the use of the latest next-generation technology to promote operational efficacies and positive business  corollary through international industry best practices and innovative strategies.

Scadco provides customers with a scalable service offering to address efficiency and a reliable networking solution that encompass edge to endpoint operations. Modern IT environments are complex that need innovative solutions to reduce overheads and improve reliability. We only make use of top industry products, services, and platforms throughout network infrastructure development, with our preferred being the Ubiquiti Unifi platform. The Ubiquiti Unifi platform is positioned to provide unified communications and provide added value to the industry in the form of networking equipment and intuitive software solutions, spanning across all aspects of a network infrastructure.

We at Scadco, strive to empower and enable businesses, employees and communities to be able to not only stay connected, but also to be able to function with excellence within a continuously digitising world. This is obtained through strategic operational automation, smart, planned for space management, and tactical network architecture and designed, all focused on enhancing and elevating, not only the end user, but all users – administrators and technicians – experience.

Our Fundamental Services

On-Prem Physical Security Services

Scadco’s On-Prem Physical Security Services provides solutions focused on protecting business assets and premises through integrated, managed and connected access control, perimeter security and intruder detection systems through IP surveillance and video analytics, which can be hosted in either a on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. With key partners in the security industry, Scadco is able to leverage industry experts, coupled with our own, to ensure success across any project implementation.

Building and platform infrastructure Services

Scadco’s Building and Platform Infrastructure Services provides solutions that are designed for on-premise, cloud or hybrid architectures.  Building Infrastructure Services include aspects such as redundancy control, fail-over mitigation, UPS and back-up and alternative power management, technology protection processes, and physical network technology installations including servers, access points, and cabinets. In addition, Building Infrastructure Services includes all copper cabling, fibre cabling and power cabling to ensure that technologies are connected professionally. Platform Infrastructure Services includes services designed to increase, maintain and monitor the overall health and performance of physical network infrastructures, subsequently extending the anticipated life cycle of installed technologies. Platform Infrastructure Services enable the management and configuration of  network connectivity, server logic, databases, and a range of alternate functions to improve the overarching performance of the business infrastructure.

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Protecting what's Important to you

Under constant attack, organizations cannot afford to choose between security and maintaining a high-performance business infrastructure. Your extended enterprise needs proven security that won’t compromise performance: from deep within internal segments, to physical and virtual data centers, to dynamic cloud environments.
Deploying network security solutions from multiple vendors causes unnecessary complexity and introduces security risks. Our Enterprise Firewall Solution delivers industry-leading security effectiveness with unmatched performance capabilities–through one operating system managed within a single pane of glass. This consolidated architecture gives you an immediate responsive and intelligent defense against malware and emerging threats with an integrated security fabric that extends across your borderless network.

Next-generation firewalls filter network traffic to protect an organization from external threats. Maintaining features of stateful firewalls such as packet filtering, VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping features, Next Generation Firewalls also possess deeper inspection capabilities that give them a superior ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats. Next-generation firewalls provide organizations with application control, intrusion prevention, and advanced visibility across the network.
As the threat landscape continues to develop rapidly, traditional firewalls fall further behind and put your organization at risk. Next Generation Firewalls not only block malware, but also include paths for future updates, giving them the flexibility to evolve with the landscape and keep the network secure as new threats arise.
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Emilia Clarke
Ashkan Group
Animal Healthcare
"Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Even if the client is being careless. The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas!."
Emilia Clarke
Jacaranda College
High School
"Scadsys has brought about improved operating efficiency across most of our business units. We have also experienced much greater pedagogical controls and monitoring of the execution of the curriculum has been eased. The seamless integration with the O365 ecosystem is an extremely important consideration. Scadco has provided unparalleled support - the team is always ready to help and to find solutions, irrespective of the time of day!"
Emilia Clarke
Primary School
"Scadco’s slogan, “passion for innovation” sums up our longstanding experience with this company. Their intimate industry knowledge and experience enable them to anticipate education trends, and they are a critical part of our education transformation team, supporting our vision with sound advice and inspiring new ideas. This advice is supported by their wide range of skills and expertise and a company-wide commitment to our success. They are dependable and often deliver over and above what is expected of them, balancing professionalism with personal attention. Whether it is in the office, the classroom or the boardroom, Scadco are there to support us."

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