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harness the power of Microsoft 365 - the world’s productivity cloud

Organizations are experiencing a major transformation as digital technologies are re-shaping what is possible, from achieving new levels of operational efficiency to unlocking new innovative business models. To capitalize on this potential, organizations are making digital transformation a priority.
Previously, management designed, built, produced, and shipped a product, then customers bought it—that was the end of the cycle. Now they are building in continuous feedback loops—sensors in products to collect data, after-market services, and customer feedback from multiple channels. Transformation requires rich systems of intelligence that combine technology, data, people, and process to enable these feedback loops. These systems shape an organization’s competitiveness and ability to innovate.
86% of organizations expect to see cost reductions and revenue gains from digitization efforts over next five years.
The workplace and the way people work are changing
  • Need agility and innovation to maintain and improve competitiveness as customer expectations about product quality and speed of delivery continue to evolve
  • Attract and retain the right talent
  • Friction-free collaboration and communication between internal and external teams to enable innovation through creativity
  • AI-powered services can provide critical insights to help improve processes and reduce time to market

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Microsoft 365 - All Encompassing Ecosystem

Our Approach

Scadco brings an innovative approach to software development, consulting and support services to its customers. Our goal is to provide customers with the ability to effectively leverage real and meaningful benefits from information technology by offering outstanding application software, customer service and greater value. We are distinguished by our functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.
As experts in Microsoft productivity and cloud solutions, Scadco is involved in every stage from software selection, hardware procurement to commissioning, technical support and training. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operations, including requirements definition, system and technology design, configuration, commissioning and project management. We also provide a fully cloud solution to those customers which elect to use it.

An Overview

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.
Microsoft 365 Business offers a single, integrated technology solution designed for growing businesses.
It empowers your employees to communicate, collaborate and do amazing work, and protects your
data without bogging you down with complex IT management or expensive on-premises equipment.

Benefits of using Microsoft 365


Office 365 gives you flexibility to scale your business as quickly as it can grow with you. Businesses have the ability to mix and match apps to create your own custom solution for each user or department, with simple user management by adding or removing users by simply adding or eliminating licenses.

Since you can scale up as needed, your team can continue to work with the tools they are familiar with as you grow, you don’t have to change to a new system or adapt to new tools as the business expands.

A global workspace

One of the main benefits of Office 365 is the capability to work from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.

Because it’s entirely cloud-based, email, files and Office programs (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) can be accessed from any location and any device. You can create, edit, and share from your PC, Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real time. Additionally, with the native desktop applications, users can work offline, with all work being synced automatically upwards the moment connection is obtained.

This is particularly beneficial for companies with multiple locations, remote employees or employees who travel often.

Continuously Collaborate

Microsoft Office 365 allows for mass collaboration, with teams being able work together on tasks, documents or presentations simultaneously.

Everyone who needs to contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet, or presentation, etc.), can work on the same version (and get real-time changes) rather than having multiple copies. Versioning is also included in case you need to go to back to an older version.

Furthermore, with multi-party HD video, shared calendars and team chat, team members will always be in sync.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

Office 365 is a subscription-based service, which means you pay an annual or monthly fee per user. It eliminates the large up-front costs for new software; you’re essentially leasing vs. buying. This also moves IT costs from capital to operating expenses.

Although some companies pay yearly, most plans are usually paid month-to-month, which can be helpful from a cash flow perspective. You also have the freedom to switch off services that you aren’t using to cut costs.

Eliminate Hardware and Energy Costs

Because Microsoft Office 365 runs in the cloud, there’s no need for servers for your website or applications, emails or document storage. The cost savings are substantial; Removing onsite servers will reduce both energy costs and the need for office space to store server hardware.

advanced security features

Office 365 has a lot of built in security features to keep your company’s data safe. Some of most notable include:

・ Message Encryption: This feature allows you to send encrypted email, stopping anyone other than the intended recipient from reading the contents of your email. Encryption works no matter which email service the recipient uses.

・ Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA uses analytics and machine learning to detect and alert you to suspicious activity straight away.

ATA has built-in intelligence to learn, analyse, and identify normal and suspicious users or devices, keeping you updated in real-time.

As part of this feature, emails are scanned for malicious links and attachments as they hit your network. If it detects something dodgy, it’ll stop the malicious attachment from getting in. The recipient will still get the email, but will receive a message explaining why the attachment isn’t there.

・ Mobile Device Management: This feature helps you secure and manage Office on employees’ mobile devices to protect private company info. You can create and manage device security policies, remotely wipe a device, and view detailed device reports.

・ Data Loss Prevention: This monitors emails and prevents sensitive information from leaving your organisation.

When enabled, all emails to and from an organisation are scanned for information such as credit card, passport or social security numbers.

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Emilia Clarke
Ashkan Group
Animal Healthcare
"Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Even if the client is being careless. The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas!."
Emilia Clarke
Jacaranda College
High School
"Scadsys has brought about improved operating efficiency across most of our business units. We have also experienced much greater pedagogical controls and monitoring of the execution of the curriculum has been eased. The seamless integration with the O365 ecosystem is an extremely important consideration. Scadco has provided unparalleled support - the team is always ready to help and to find solutions, irrespective of the time of day!"
Emilia Clarke
Primary School
"Scadco’s slogan, “passion for innovation” sums up our longstanding experience with this company. Their intimate industry knowledge and experience enable them to anticipate education trends, and they are a critical part of our education transformation team, supporting our vision with sound advice and inspiring new ideas. This advice is supported by their wide range of skills and expertise and a company-wide commitment to our success. They are dependable and often deliver over and above what is expected of them, balancing professionalism with personal attention. Whether it is in the office, the classroom or the boardroom, Scadco are there to support us"

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