Scadco has been providing companies, enterpises, NPO’s and educational institutions with custom, catered solutions for over 15 years.



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Transforming user experiences through a digital ecosystem, placing the business at their fingertips

Scadco provides customers with a service offering to address efficiency whilst catering for a seamless user experience. All companies are by nature founded on a set of goals and values that guide all stakeholders in achieving the vision of the company. A well designed website provides the platform where these values and goals can be shared and introduced to a growing and changing marketplace. Enabling websites to function as online applications is critical in ensuring that customer and community members are engaged with the the company, whilst establishing the companies digital presence.
Clients can without a stretch, access the application from any device that is associated with the Internet. It merits calling attention to that having this, means that the reach of the company in terms of community engagement, client management, and access to prospective clients and members is changed from being local or regional bound to a global scale.
Every company and client has unique values, operations and differentiating services that requires equally unique and custom websites and applications. Scadco prides itself in making each project unique unto itself, envisioning, conceptualising, and imbedding our clients and businesses identity into every fibre of their websites and applications. 

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Website development

Our Approach

Scadco seeks to match solutions to each client’s unique business goals, to ensure that the correctly applied web development services are implemented. This allows for us to conceptualise, design and develop a successful product from the very beginning or increase the performance and efficiencies of an existing one, adjusting in real time to the changing needs of the client, their users and market.

We have sourced, trained and upskilled a diverse blend of multidisciplinary teams to identify and carry out innovative, reliable digital experiences best fit for the client – with the core goal to ensure the establishment of a deep and bilateral connection between the client and their users. Through the use of our unique project process, we are able to streamline milestones timeframes, whilst ensuring that quality, creativity and unique design is not lost.

Our Services

New Solution Development

Scadco’s unique process, focusing on understanding all aspects of the client, their business, market, clientele allows for us to be able to develop solutions completely catered and built around the client. We manage and operate the entire process from market research, auditing and discovery activities, strategy and customer insights to conceptualisation of the clients needs, visual design, development, quality assurance, and testing. A key facet of our success throughout the project process is complete and continuous consultation with the client, ensuring that at no point does their vision and requirements become lost in the process.

Existing Product Enhancement

Scadco is able to assist in the enhancement, updating, redesigning and re-envisioning of existing products. Our creative team of specialists analyze, test, spec the existing solution, and identify any primary and secondary areas of concern needing development. They provide the client with a report providing insights and statistics into the solutions performance – such as speed, security, capabilities, potential changes and redesign concepts. Once consultation has been finalised with the client our team conducts the remaining stages of our project process as per normal.

Support and maintenance

Scadco provides support and maintenance for solutions both developed by ourselves as well as external parties. Support spans over all aspects of the solution, from hosting, monitoring, maintenance, and updating.

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Application development

Our Approach

Scadco founds its approach to application development on a perfect blend of three fundamental pillars, namely the market, the end user and the solution itself. Its through the creative and tactical approach of ensuring this blend that unique values, satisfaction, usability, performance, and adoption is achieved.
Out multidisciplinary teams make use of the newest techniques, technology, and best practices in bringing these solutions to life.

Frontend Development

Frontend Development is critical in ensuring user satisfaction and engagement, as it is the aspect responsible for controlling and managing how users interact with the application. It is, therefore, that Scadco places importance in ensuring that the look and feel and design is structured in a manner best fit in ensuring high functionality, whilst appealing visually to the client’s users. This is supported by our approach to continuous consult with the client, to ensure that the final product is their vision brought to life.

Backend Development

Backend Development deals with the processes, rules, and functions operating behind the front end, ensuring the overall stable performance, speed, and uptime of the application. Our team of developers allocate significant time in ensuring that the backend development is as robust and effective as possible, through focused efforts on utilising the newest technology, techniques, and methods. It is through these efforts that we are able to guarantee uptime, deliverability, and responsiveness within our solution developments.

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