Scadco has been providing companies, enterpises, NPO’s and educational institutions with custom, catered solutions for over 15 years.



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Long term, high value, and meaningful relationships with clients

Scadco is dedicated in ensuring that our clients reach their goals, to customising and architecting solutions fit for their business, to providing an innovative environment focused on efficacies, and to making a long-term difference. 

Our strong sense of connection and comprehensive understanding of client projects drives us to constantly strive in providing solutions for their current situation, as well as for issues that have not come to the forefront yet. It is as a result of this, that we take a  progressive and innovative approach to technology, software development, and solution architecture.  

Our depth of experience and exposure to various, unique, and complex projects  means we have the expertise which reaches across a number of sectors and industries, as well as knowledge of specific relevant compliance and security protocols and regulations. 

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Our process

Our unique project processes is distinctly innovative, supporting our aim to constantly seek new ways to increase client satisfaction, quality and efficacy of solution implementation, adoption, and support. We continuously re-asses our processes to ensure its alignment and use of new technologies best fit to embrace client needs. 

Our project processes covers all aspects from audit and discovery, to concept validation and outline, design and testing, solution development, testing and quality assurance, and support and maintenance. We specially select teams for every project, comprised of members best fit to ensure that solutions are carried out to the highest standard.

Scadco leverages its extensive partner network to access the best knowledge, experience, contacts and relations from around the world to support solution design and implementation.

Expertise and experience

One of Scadco key success factors lies in its dedication to carrying out solutions with professionalism and expertise. It is due to this sense of dedication and responsibility that we always seek to add value through pro-active and pre-emptive problem solving.

Scadco harnesses the combined expertise of our team of specialists in strategy, user experience, creative design, web development, software development, UI design, compliance, and architecture to ensure project success and longevity. We are committed to delivering human-centric solutions, focusing on future readiness, that exceeds client expectations.

solution centric approach

Scadco is committed in in taking a solution centric approach in all facets of the project process, ensuring that all aspects of the project take into consideration the overarching requirements, problems, barriers, and milestone of the organisation when developing, designing and developing the final project.

It is therefore, critical within our own processes in ensuring complete understanding on the clients business processes, point of view, final goal or objectives, and needs. This supports the very first stage within our project whereby audits and discovery activities to know the ins and outs of your business, its industry, market and customer base in order to understand the uniqueness of the business that needs to be taken into account in the project development.

deadline driven and creative by nature

Scadco prides itself on meeting project and solution deadlines, from concept design, development, through to support and maintenance. This does not only ensure client satisfaction, but allows for us to ensure that no one part of the project outweighs another and that the project process is managed in accordance to its design.

Our skilled and qualified team of designers and technicians pride themselves in showcasing their creative capabilities throughout the project and solution processing. For each step along the creative process, the client is consulted to ensure satisfaction before the process is continued.

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