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Scadco provides customers with a scalable service offering that that involves the perfect combination of technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge, in order to develop beskpoke, custom diverse software solutions for small, medium and enterprise grade businesses, spanning over all industries and markets.

The implementation of the correct software, scaled and designed the very needs of your company, taking into all the unique aspects of the business into account from market, geolocations, users, compliance, to security needs, have the power to transform companies through wide-ranging possibilities, all of which serving the same purpose: to expand and streamline business operations, whilst bolstering the unique differentiating factors of the business.

In leveraging next-generation technologies for businesses and organisations, its imperative to first ensure that the fundamental software and platforms upon which work and operations are done need to be prepared and scaled to certify that the foundations are sound for expansion.  In addition, with businesses leveraging the use of larger rich datasets, collaborative third-party applications, digital working environment, and in-house applications the need for a relevant, effective, fast and secure software with the ability to integrate into these technologies is vital.

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Our Approach

Many companies that start looking for software to service their operations and solve existing and future problems, whilst supporting growth through scalability, typically are faced by the same decision – whether to purchase a off-the-shelf product or invest in developing their own software solution.

This decision poses varying aspects with the most common being costs, however, we at Scadco have the experience and knowledge to aide in ensuring that the business is able to achieve their short and long-term goals and objectives, by providing cost-effective custom solutions designed on the very understanding and knowledge of the businesses own challenges, unique processes, and requirements. Scadco is able to design and architect software solutions around the resources of the business, by leveraging SaaS custom bespoke software solutions are made financially feasible for all business sizes.

Our experienced developers and design teams make use of an ever expanding set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools in order to carry out solutions of any scale and complexity. 

Advantages of Custom Software

Complete Ownership of software

Custom software solutions are completely owned by the client, with no recurring monthly costs, unless VM’s are used to host the applications. In almost all circumstances the only additional monthly fees are for SLA’s covering support and maintenance of the solution, however, this is optional and not required for developing a bespoke tailormade solution.

flexibility and scalability

With custom software solutions, clients have complete control and flexibilty as to what happens to the software and how. In addition, custom software solutions allow for scalability, where the software grows with the business, whereas typical off-the-shelf solutions often have the client dependent on the solution developers to scale up.

Technological Independence

Custom software solutions allow for client to be able to decide freely on their technological foundation, without being dependent on any one product or services. Stacks are developed best fit for the client, their budget, requirements, and growth projections.

Competitive Advantage

Investing in a custom software solution poses significant competitive advantages, with the solution being designed in accordance to the needs and operations of the business. Unlike typical off-the-shelf products where often times services and operations need to be designed or amended around the software. 

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Trusted Locally And International
In Increasing Efficiencies Through Technology

Emilia Clarke
Ashkan Group
Animal Healthcare
"Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Even if the client is being careless. The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas!."
Emilia Clarke
Jacaranda College
High School
"Scadsys has brought about improved operating efficiency across most of our business units. We have also experienced much greater pedagogical controls and monitoring of the execution of the curriculum has been eased. The seamless integration with the O365 ecosystem is an extremely important consideration. Scadco has provided unparalleled support - the team is always ready to help and to find solutions, irrespective of the time of day!"
Emilia Clarke
Primary School
"Scadco’s slogan, “passion for innovation” sums up our longstanding experience with this company. Their intimate industry knowledge and experience enable them to anticipate education trends, and they are a critical part of our education transformation team, supporting our vision with sound advice and inspiring new ideas. This advice is supported by their wide range of skills and expertise and a company-wide commitment to our success. They are dependable and often deliver over and above what is expected of them, balancing professionalism with personal attention. Whether it is in the office, the classroom or the boardroom, Scadco are there to support us."

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