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Modular and Customized to Meet the Needs of Each and Every Institution

Many schools and colleges are faced with the dilemma of coping with increased responsibilities and the rapidly changing and often massive flow of information involved in managing institutions. Given the limited human resources at their disposal, management will need tools that can help to enhance the administration of their institutions, while providing the greatest transparency and accountability.

School and College management is therefore among those who will have to adapt to the new paradigm by linking on new strategies and embracing new technologies. Most certainly, the enlightened and creative use and deployment of Scadsys will result in raising levels of efficiency and effectiveness of their management capabilities. Today’s school management can benefit from having at their disposal, an application system like Scadsys, which assist in collating, coordinating, processing and managing the flow of information in the administrative activities of their institutions. By facilitating real-time access to important administrative and management information, Scadsys can contribute significantly to school/college administration.

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the fundamentals

Our Approach

ScadCo brings an innovative approach to software development, consulting and support services to its customers,
which range from pre-schools & schools to college institutions. Our goal is to provide education with the ability
to effectively leverage real and meaningful benefits from information technology by offering outstanding
application software, customer service and greater value. We are distinguished by our functional and technical
expertise combined with hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and
professional service

Our approach to effective management of information is to empower students and faculty to process high data volumes. Scadsys serves as the primary workspace for faculty, students and parents. Scadsys also enables a partnership between educators, students, parents, suppliers and the controlling government, providing new means of interacting and working together to meet the needs of each student, every day.

Scadsys is designed to keep track of all relevant information from Grade 000 to Grade 12, as well as Tertiary and HET Educational Institution, to perform the day to day activities. Scadsys provides education institutions leverage in the much same way that industries have successfully utilized technology. Scadsys aims to facilitate visibility of performance measures, facilitate management with intelligence; facilitate improved efficiency of operations; and improved return on expenditures.

Some of our flagship customers are: Hoërskool Waterkloof, Buccleuch Primary, Bryanston High, Sutherland High,
Hugenote Hoërskool, Bryandale Primary, Montrose Primary, Holy Rosary School, Baptist Theological College,
Treetops Montesorri Pre-school, Brescia House School & Steyn City School.

Scadsys Key Solution Services

Information Management

Scadsys Information management is a robust student, parent and faculty administration module, including the following functions:

  • Scadsys Administration: Scadsys Administration addresses specific needs of administrators and managers in respect of Institution Resources Management.

  • Scadsys Registration and Admissions: Schools and colleges are yearly confronted with new registrations and admissions. This task requires massive administrative resources and high volumes of data which must be verified, captured and scanned. The Scadsys Registration and Admissions system allow new students and parents to register online on the Scadsys Web site for elected Scadsys schools and colleges. Data is captured only once and uploaded into the schools and colleges systems relieving the burden on administrators and management.

  • Scadsys Time and Attendance: Scadsys Time and Attendance provides capabilities to record attendance and absent time in an easy-to-use, always accessible, biometrics system. Staff, Educators and Students just touch the biometric reader to clock-in and clock-out time to record attendance. Unlimited clock-in and clock-out per day is supported and many stations can be deployed around the school or college.

  • Scadsys Sports Management: Management of sport at schools and colleges has become a specialised profession. Sport administrators need access to player’s data and their performance on the field to manage their teams more effectively. Scadsys Sport Management assist administrators and coaches to keep detail records of team practises, games played, positions played, medical records and performance during games.

Curriculum and Classroom Management

Scadsys Curriculum and Classroom Management tracks and analyses assessments in real-time, and delivers modern reports. The Curriculum and Classroom Management includes the following functions:

  • Scadsys Class Room Management: Scadsys Class Room Management addresses specific needs of educators in the class room by automating administrative and assessment tasks and achieving a near paperless environment. Scadsys CRM allows educators to work from home the same way they work at school or college. Scadsys senses when the educator device is inside or outside the school/college network and adapts accordingly, providing any-time-any-place mobile experience. The any-device option also allows educators to use any device be it a smart phone, tablet or laptop running Windows 10, Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Scadsys Assessment: Scadsys Assessment accommodates a holistic approach towards student evaluation and assessment. Functionality allows for weighting test and examination marks in calculations of a term or subject final mark. Non-examination marks are also supported which can be used for symbol type evaluations, i.e. 1-7 scale or an A-F scale. All parameters are user driven and can be changed in real-time. Users can use pre-defined comments (one liners) and remarks (full paragraphs) to complement performance and evaluation. Scadsys provides a number of standard comments, which can be altered, adapted in order to cater for the individual school or college environment. If desired, a remark can be entered in rich text of unlimited length for every subject for every student. This is mostly used for outcomes based education where predefined comments are not used or when a personalized evaluation of progress is required. The Scadsys Assessment system also supports attainment and effort symbols.

Finance Management

Scadsys Finance Management provides assets and finance management with Sage integration. The Finance Management includes the following functions:
  • Scadsys Financial: Scadsys Financial is a financial, debtors and cashbook system, fully integrated into the Scadsys Administration and Assessment system, with financial capability tailored for schools and educational institutions. The Scadsys Financial and Scadsys Administration systems are fully integrated into Pastel and SageOne. This provides schools and colleges with the power of Scadsys for educational management and Pastel for financial management, a combination which provides advanced functionality to advanced schools and colleges.

  • Scadsys Asset Management: Scadsys Asset Management combines detailed recording and reporting on assets with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

  • Scadsys Media: Scadsys Media is a library and media management system for managing all activities in a media centre related to searching, accessioning, borrowing and returning of books, magazines, audio-visual aids, text books, Internet knowledge and eBooks. Scadsys Media is fully integrated into Scadsys Administration and keeps record of books/titles on loan to students and educators. A full online search and automated stock-take capabilities are available and biometrics can be used to speed up the identification and borrowing process.

Security Tracking

Scadsys Security Tracking manages activity tracking, biometric access control and time and attendance. The Security Tracking includes the following functions:
  • Scadsys Access Control: providing a range of options from access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection for schools and colleges. Integration with Scadsys Administration removes multiple software platforms and interfaces, and is an improvement over typical non-integrated solutions.

Cashless and Online Stores

Scadsys Cashless and Online Stores allows for the institution to run multiple managed stores on account, available 24/7. The Cashless and Online Stores includes the following functions:
  • Scadsys Point of Sale System: Addresses the needs of Tuck-shops, School Shops and Cafeteria by automating administrative, ordering, invoicing, stock control and sales. The system allows schools and colleges to run a Cashless environment without any cash on premises by automating electronic fund transfers to parent and student accounts. Scadsys POS is available as a separate Scadsys system fully integrated with Scadsys and can operate in a stand-alone mode without the Cashless option.

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